Come With Me


Peace comes in many forms. This is my zen. With or without clothing. I find myself and reflect on my path. Won’t you come with me? Let’s find out peace together. The Fantasy Gacha Carnival has me loving my Easlasiad outfit from (*<*) 1313 Mockingbird Lane. It’s perfect for me and my zen! Peace out!

Hair: Truth Tyne
Head: Lelutka Simone
Body: Maitreya
Belt: (*<*) 1313 Ealasaid Belt
Boots: (*<*) 1313 Ealasaid Boots
Bra: (*<*) 1313 Ealasaid Bra
Cucci cover: (*<*) 1313 Ealasaid Cucci Cover
Skirt: (*<*) 1313 Ealasaid Skirt
Thigh Band: (*<*) 1313 Ealasaid Thigh Band

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens May 7th!

(*<*) 1313 Main Store:

Come with Me
(Written and Composed by Scott Woodruff)

something’s coming up over me
and the sun is coming up already
it’s been three whole days since I’ve been asleep
I couldn’t tell you what’s coming over me

Oh why can’t I sleep
Oh why can’t i breath

the waves are crashing outside, my mind is so calm
and all the pain I had, well it’s all gone
I got no reason to hide, no reason to go
I got to take a step back, and take life slow

Oh won’t you wait for me
Oh won’t you come with me

remember those times when life was real
we was sitting in the sand, got the ocean feel
take me back to those days of paradise
when we laugh all day and sleep all night

Oh won’t you come with me
Oh won’t you come with me
Oh won’t you come with me
Oh won’t you come with me

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